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Friday, May 07, 2010

Ota Shrine Iris

Iris at Ota Shrine大田神社アヤメ

A 15-minute walk from Kitayama, in north Kyoto, is Ota Shrine.

It is part of the Kamigamo Shrine "family," and is about 10 minutes on foot from the much larger and better known shrine.

Ota Shrine is flush against the mountains that ring the city.

Irises Ota Shrine Ota Shrine is best known for its irises. They are located in a small pond that is barely visible under a sea of green - and then in early May purple.

The shrine is free to visit, except for during iris season. At that time, a donation of 300 yen is requested.

From Kitayama Station, walk up any of the north-south streets across Kitayama Dori heading north. After 10 minutes or so, ask directions. You'll get there.

Alternatively take Kyoto bus #4 from Kyoto Station, Shijo Kawaramachi or Sanjo Kawaramachi and get off at Kamigamo Shogakko-mae and walk a few minutes directly north.

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