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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Japan This Week 11 July 2010


Japan News.Sumo’s Ties to Japan Underworld Go Beyond Limits

New York Times



The 5 most picturesque beaches for Tokyo day-trippers


Sumo wrestles with illegal betting scandal


Democrats face test on eve of Japanese election

Washington Post

Banzai artístico en el CCCB

El Pais

Retrial of '67 Ibaraki murder case begins

Japan Times

Les "filles à pédé" sortent de l'ombre


NZ whaling activist escapes jail but remains defiant


Japan’s Nagatomo close to signing with Cesena

Yahoo Sports

Last week's Japan news

Japan Statistics

Relative poverty rate, by country:

1. Denmark: 5.3%
2. Sweden: 5.3%

6. France: 7.1%

10. Holland: 7.7%

13. UK: 8.3%

27. Japan: 14.9%
28. USA: 17.1%

30. Mexico 18.4%

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