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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Japan This Week 4 July 2010


Japan News.An All-Japanese Mash Up

New York Times



Sumo wrestles with illegal betting scandal


In Japan but surrounded by U.S. influence, Okinawa struggles with split identity

Washington Post

Santa Cruz contra Japón

El Pais

Japan urges more dads to swap desks for diapers

Washington Post

Nagoya movie theater to show whaling film, 'Cove' as package

Japan Times

Zentai, la bonne combine


The savers financing Japan's debt


In a Space Probe’s Journey, a Test for Japan

New York Times

Japan Start Search For New Boss After Takeshi Okada Reiterates Retirement Plans

Yahoo Sports

Last week's Japan news

Japan Statistics

Cases of School Bullying, by year:

1985: 155,000
1993: 22,000
1994: 56,000
2006: 125,000
2008: 85,000

Source: Japan Ministry of Education

Visitors to Japan, 2009:

South Koreans: 1,835,000
Chinese: 1,230,000
Taiwanese: 1,006,700
Americans: 729,000
Hong Kongers: 422,000

Source: Asahi Shinbun

Doctors per 1,000 people

Greece: 5.4
Belgium: 4
Italy: 3.7
France: 3.4
OECD Average: 3.1
UK: 2.5

Japan: 2.1
South Korea: 1.7

Source: OECD

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