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Friday, September 24, 2010

Hiyashi Chuka Japanese Cold Noodles


Hiyashi Chuka, Chinese-style Japanese cold noodles, is a summer staple designed to beat the heat.

Hiyashi Chuka Noodles

The dish, basically a ramen noodle salad, is made with lots of toppings including sliced cucumber, smoked salmon, sliced omelette (tamagoyaki), chicken, tomatoes and beni shoga (pickled red ginger).

Vegetarians and demi-vegetarians can replaced the meat, eggs and fish with vegetarian alternatives including yuba or dried bean curd, bean sprouts and grated carrots. Add mayonnaise for the kids.

Hiyashi Chuka Cold Noodles

After boiling the noodles, drain and add the toppings and the tare sauce usually a soy and sesame mix that can be bought in supermarkets or made at home.

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