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Friday, September 10, 2010

Japanese Hairdressers and Hair Salon Names


There are innumerable hairdressers in Japan's cities ranging from cheap, 10$ "dry-cut" joints with no shampoo and the red, white and blue revolving poles to the glitzy salons on inner city boulevards that charge 600 bucks a crop for a "course" from their "menu".

Japanese Hairdressers and Hair Salon Names

Frequently bizarre, the names of many of these establishments never fail to amuse. I have experienced such classics as: Be FeelBy Harada, Bim Bum Bam, Buddy Hair Leap, Bush, C-Blow, Chouette, Chronic, Coma, Cut House May-Be, Drop, Flap, Gohair, Growhair, Hair & ParmSoup, Hysteric Mama, NudeColor, Phat, Piggyhair, Poo, Purplenumber, Red Nose, Shoop, Shrimp, Shup, Snobenvamp, Spic, Tedhair, The, Yayoi-Brains, Warp Hair, and my personal favorite Single Carrot.

Japanese Hairdressers and Hair Salon Names

Wherever you decide to have your hair cut or styled in Japan, it will normally be an enjoyable and relaxing experience despite the name.

Japanese Hairdressers and Hair Salon Names

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