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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Shinjuku Shopping

新宿 買い物 ショッピング

Shinjuku shopping in Tokyo

Assigning a center to a metropolis the size of Tokyo is an arbitrary act. You could say the Imperial Palace (Kokyo), and perhaps the Marunouchi area just east of it around Tokyo Station. However, the Imperial Palace is very subdued, and once night falls neither can Marunouchi said to be even remotely jumping.

The one place that really has it all: a convergence of train lines, department stores, skyscrapers, corporate head offices, fashion stores, shopping malls, clubs, bars, nightlife (gay and straight), and major non-stop 24/7 buzz, is the Shinjuku district.

And the major daytime attraction for the hundreds of thousands of people who crowd Shinjuku daily, besides those there for work, is the shopping. Virtually everything you could want in terms of food, fashion, hobbies, books, electronics, home appliances - you name it - can be found within 10 minutes walk from Shinjuku station.

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