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Friday, November 26, 2010

Akaike Station Nagoya


Akaike Station (lit. "Red Lake") is at the eastern end of the Tsurumai Line of the Nagoya subway before the line becomes the Meitetsu Toyota Line to Toyota city.

The area around the station includes the Oxport sports center and pool (now closed), a popular McDonalds, a Piago supermarket, a branch of the Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ bank, a post office, a florist, a convenience store, a pachinko parlor and a number of bars, cafes and izakaya.

Akaike Station

Akaike Station has full wheelchair access and a free motorbike and bicycle parking lot.

Buses from Akaike no longer run to Chubu International Airport but there are bus services to Toyota, Nagoya Shoka University, Yufukuji and Toyota Nishi High School.

Akaike Station is a short walk from the Nagoya City Tram and Subway Museum. The preceding station from the west is Hirabari and traveling east the next station is Nisshin.

A vast shopping mall, Akaike Hills is currently under construction close to the station.

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Akaike Station Nagoya Aichi

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