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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shirotori Garden Nagoya


Shirotori Garden in Nagoya is close to Atsuta Shrine and the Nagoya Congress Center.

Shirotori Garden Nagoya

Opened in 1991, the 3.7ha Shirotori Tei-en is a modern Japanese garden representing the countryside of the surrounding areas of Nagoya city.

The mound in the south-west corner of the garden represents Mt. Ontake, located on the borders of Nagano and Gifu Prefectures and the second highest volcano in Japan at 3,067m. The stream running from the mound represents the Kiso River in Gifu.

Shirotori Garden Nagoya

The Shiotori Garden contains a traditional teahouse, Seiu-tei, built in the Sukiya style by carpenters from Kyoto. Other features of this beautiful, strolling garden include a perfect, turf lawn, traditional, arched wooden bridges and a number of waterfalls.

The Shiotori Garden also plays host to various art events that are held within the grounds.

There's a cafe for visitors to refresh themselves and contemplate a garden that seems a million miles from the hustle and bustle of downtown Nagoya. Can you spot the toad/frog in the image below?

Shirotori Garden Nagoya Aichi

Shirotori Garden
Atsuta Nishi-machi 2-5
Tel: 052 681 8928
Admission: 300 yen; Yearly pass 1,200 yen
Hours: 9am-4.30pm; closed Monday and the 3rd Wednesday of the month.
Access: Shirotori Garden is a 10 minute walk from Jingu-Nishi Station on the Meijo Line.

Shirotori Garden Nagoya, Aichi, Japan.

Shirotori Garden Nagoya, Aichi, Japan.

Shirotori Garden Nagoya, Aichi, Japan.

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