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Thursday, January 06, 2011

LCD Screen Vending Machines


Japan long ago lapped most of the world in vending machines commerce, seemingly by placing a machine on every street corner and taking an "if-you-can-imagine-it-a-couple hundred-yen-will-buy-it" approach with drinks, foods and some things not quite suitable to be bought from a machine.

LCD Screen Vending Machines

Not resting on its laurels, and with a high-tech image to uphold, the nation, with the highest number of vending machines per capita, has now rolled out machines where drinks are displayed on a large LCD screen which acts as a touchscreen for purchasing.

LCD Screen Vending Machines

The new machines were first rolled out in Shimbashi Station in Tokyo and have spread to Tokyo Station and to trendy hotspot Shibuya, which coincidentally was where a banana vending machine was first unveiled in 2010.

Vending Machines

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