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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ippodo Kyoto Tea

Ippodo Kyoto一保堂

Ippodo is the be all and end all for Japanese tea lovers.

Though partisans of tea grown in Shizuoka will no doubt object, the center of the green tea universe is located on Teramachi north of Kyoto City Hall.

The tea company Ippodo was founded in 1717, when Ihei Watanabe established the now legendary tea shop.

The store sells many varieties of tea and tea utensils.

It is also possible to sit and drink Japanese green tea in the Kaboku Tea Room.


From Oike Dori, walk north on Teramachi (the small street next on the west side of City Hall) for 5-7 minutes. On the right (east) side in a large traditional building with noren curtains.

Tel: 075 211 3421 

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