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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tokyo Anime "Amen 2011" Dance Party

東京アニメ アーメン2011

Fancy getting down to anime movie anthems on the dancefloor? Well ready your goggles, ray guns, and lycra tights, because here comes Tokyo Anime "Amen 2011"!

From 7pm, Sunday, March 27 2011 Tokyo Anime "Amen 2011" at Shibuya O-Floor.

The main DJ is DJ Kindhearted-Obake (obake [oh-bah-kay] meaning "ghost"), with several others spinning nerdy hits to wiggle to.

From the Tokyo Anime "Amen 2011" website:
"“Both of them believes that they are in the right. That’s how the war goes. (Doraemon from”DORAEMON”)
[Several lines of gobbledygook]
We have rented one whole building. An “Ani-song Castle” which every floor plays animation-songs only. It will be a wonderful night, dancing around and soak up animation-songs. Everyone face to love, respect, and the surroundings for expressions like Animation.
“You know that the Earth is not a place for War!” (Loran Cehack from”∀Gundam”)"

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1 comment:

  1. This is a crazy but great idea. i hope there'll be a lot of videos. ^^


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