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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Dead and Missing


As of March 14, midnight, the number of dead and missing by prefecture:

Hokkaido: 1 dead
Aomori: 3 dead, 1 missing
Iwate: 795 dead, 3,341 missing
Miyagi: 1,823 dead, 10,911 missing
Yamagata: 1 dead
Fukushima: 431 dead, 1,573 missing
Ibaragi: 20 dead
Ibaraki: 4 dead
Gunma: 1 dead
Chiba: 16 dead, 7 missing
Tokyo: 7 dead
Kanagawa: 7 dead

Total: 3,105 dead, 15,833 missing

These numbers are sure to increase as rescue work continues.

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