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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Kawasaki Daishi


Kawasaki is a name more closely associated with the motorcycle manufacturer of the same name (based in Akashi-city in Hyogo Prefecture, western Japan), not with the city (in Kanagawa Prefecture, eastern Japan). However, Kawasaki is the name of Japan's 9th biggest city, but also one of its most dreary: a dormitory and industrial city sandwiched between the more happening Tokyo and Yokohama.

Anyway, I went to Kawasaki recently to check out this neglected corner of the greater Tokyo conurbation once again. (The last time I went there was in 2009 to see the phallic Kanamara Festival.)  Kawasaki City's own website in English was little help in knowing where to go - scanty data and broken links a-gogo.

Kawasaki Station area was modern and bustling, but nothing out of the ordinary. The only thing I found of interest was a temple complex known as Kawasaki Daishi: a huge enshrinement of the man who brought Shingon Buddhism to Japan, Kobo Daishi, or, as he was known during his life, Kukai.

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