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Friday, March 11, 2011

Osaka Station Area North Yard

View over Osaka Stationウェスティンホテル大阪北ヤード

The Westin Osaka - as seen from a much less expensive hotel room on the other side of Osaka Station - building gleams in the distance.

In the near future, the cityscape will look very different.

At bottom right, the Station itself can be seen. It is currently being renovated and work will be complete in early May.

The nearby "North Yard," a disused freight train depot, is also being redeveloped. The 24-hectare site will feature "high-end offices, luxurious modern accommodation options and a 10,000 square meter plaza and pedestrian mall."

Work is scheduled to be complete in 2013.

When complete, there will be luxury hotels, office space, and many shops.

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