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Friday, May 13, 2011

Anpanman Museum Kochi

The Anpanman Museum in Kochi on Shikoku is celebrating its 15th anniversary.

Anpanman Museum Kochi

The museum is dedicated to the life and adventures of the children's anime, who was created by Kochi-born Yanase Takashi. Made of bread and stuffed with bean paste, Anpanman appeals mainly to the under 5s. Kindergarten buses often carry his image in Japan. Anpanman duels with Baikin-man (Bacteria Man) and can lose his power if he gets wet. However, Jam Ojisan, can re-bake him.


Ride a JR train to Tosa-Yamada from Kochi Station, then bus bound in the direction of Odochi. Alight at Anpanman Myujiamu-mae (25 mins).

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