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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kyoto Keirin

Kyoto Keirin京都競輪

On a recent day at the races at the Kyoto Keirin track in Mukomachi, we took in a few track cycling races, lost a bit of money, partook of one cup of Cup Sake, and met a few of the punters.

The track is 400 meters long and one race is five laps, or 2,000 meters.

The first 2-3 laps are slow going, with a lead bike taking the nine racers out. At that point, the lead bike drops out, and the action begins.

It is a cat-and-mouse game, followed by sudden bursts of great speed.

On race day the men - the crowd is 99% male - place bets in the intervals between races. Nearly all carried racing forms, well marked, and other study aids.


Hankyu Railways: Get off at Higashi Mukomachi Station. There is a free shuttle on race days, or it can be walked in 15 minutes.

Japan Railways (JR): Get off at Mukomachi Station, the third local stop from Kyoto Station. There is a free shuttle on race days, or it can be walked in 20 minutes.

Tel: 075 921 0317

Entrance Fee

50 yen for one day

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