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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Green Tea Kit-Kat at Narita Airport


Narita Airport is not the most modern of airports anymore, but it lacks little in the way of conveniences for the international traveler.

Seen at a Narita Airport drug store-cum-souvenir shop was this stand of Uji Maccha Kit-Kats. Maccha is a rich, thick form of green tea with the strongest flavor of any variety. And Uji is Japan's green tea capital: a town near Kyoto that has been supplying the old capital with tea for hundreds of years.

Green Tea Kit-Kat Narita Airport

This "Japan Exclusive," as it was labeled, is aimed at those who want something quintessentially Japanese as a twist on top of that familiar chocolatey sweetness.

They were giving out samples, and, sure enough, a vague hint of traditional Japan somehow made it through the sugary, biscuity crunch.

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TK16 Master Kendama
Narita Airport

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