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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ninnaji Temple Kyoto

Nio-san Ninnaji Temple Kyoto仁和寺の門

In front of the large and impressive gate of Ninnaji Temple are two Nio-san demons.

They are large wooden guardian statues on both the right and left of the temple entrance.

Their "job" is to protect the temple from evil.

Ninnaji is a temple in western Kyoto with expansive grounds that was founded in the 9th century.

Prior to that, the grounds and its buildings served as a summer retreat for the emperor and his large entourage.


Two-minute walk from Omuro Station on the Kitano line of the Keifuku Railway.

Buses #10, #26, and #59 all stop at Ninnaji-mae.

33 Ouchi Omuro

There is a 400 yen entrance fee to the sub-temple on your left as you enter. The rest of the complex is free.

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