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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Japan News This Week 11 September 2011


Japan News.Fukushima’s Long Link to a Dark Nuclear Past

New York Times

Returning to the disaster zone


Fukushima disaster: it's not over yet


'Sexlessness' wrecks marriages, threatens nation's future

Japan Times

'Food in Translation' o la publi gastronómica 'kitsch' de Japón

El Pais

Mask maker keeping Shimane tradition alive

Japan Times

Tokyo de nuit

Le Monde



What happened at Fukushima?

Japan Focus

Japan’s Sawa eyes World-Olympic double

Yahoo Sports

Last Week's News


World Economic Forum Competitiveness Ranking, 2011:

1) Switzerland
2) Singapore
3) Sweden
4) Finland
5) USA

9) Japan

26) China

56) India

Source: Daily Yomiuri

DVD rental chain Tsutaya noted in a recent press release there were more than 12.5 million DVD rentals of South Korean tv dramas for the month of August. That far surpassed the numbers for Hollywood and Japanese rentals.

Source: Daily Yomiuri

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