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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Japan News This Week 4 September 2011


Japan News.Japanese Island’s Activists Resist Nuclear Industry’s Allure

New York Times

New Japanese Prime Minister unveils cabinet


Japan's life expectancy 'down to equality and public health measures'


Yasukuni stance takes practical shift

Japan Times

Sony y Samsung anuncian nuevas tabletas, pero sin bajar sus precios

El Pais

De retour de Fukushima, où le silence et les mensonges tuent




Sushi and Samurai: Western Stereotypes and the (Mis)Understanding of Post-Tsunami Japan

Japan Focus

Japan gets late winner vs. Nth Korea

Yahoo Sports

Last Week's News


Fertility Rate:

Japan: 1.4
South Korea: 1.2
UK: 2
Honduras: 3.3
Brazil: 1.9
Oman: 2.6
Cambodia: 3.3
Niger: 7.4
Tunisia: 2.1
Spain: 1.4

Source: National Geographic

July Power Savings by Prefecture, Goal & Actual Amount Saved

Kyoto: 12% (goal), 18.6% (actual reduction)
Osaka: 10% (goal), 12% (actual reduction)
Hyogo: 5% (goal), 7.8% (actual reduction)
Nara: 10% (goal), 13.2% (actual reduction)

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