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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shigemori Mirei Gardens Kyoto

Shigemori Mirei Garden重森三玲庭園

One of the great modern Japanese landscape designers is Shigemori Mirei (1896-1975).

His work can be found at among other places at Tofukuji Temple.

One of his best works is the eponymously named Shigemori Mirei Gardens, also in Kyoto.

He lived for many years in a spacious home, formerly a part of and owned by Yoshida Shrine, that was built in 1789. And he designed and carried out the creation of the gardens and tea houses.

The building and gardens still exist and occupy a large corner of a street close to both Yoshida Shrine and Kyoto University.

It has a quirky garden, full of rocks, and tea ceremony pavilions.

The rocks are said to symbolize the Elysian islands.


Reservations are required to visit. Tours are held in Japanese. Non-Japanese speakers need to arrange for a Japanese speaking translator.

Telephone: 075 761 8776
Mail: shigemori [at mark] est.hi-ho.ne.jp

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Shigemori Mirei

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