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Friday, September 16, 2011

Take Out Sushi Narita Airport

寿司持ち帰り 成田空港

Take-out sushi is not the most common way of eating sushi. At its most casual, sushi usually means dropping in to a kaiten-zushi restaurant, where plates of pre-prepared sushi go past you on a conveyor belt.

Take Out Sushi Narita Airport

At its most elegant, sushi involves taking a reserved seat at a three-star Michelin establishment that seats less than a dozen guests, and leaving it up to the sushi master to serve you what he sees fit.

But at Narita Airport you can enjoy the rare experience of ordering your sushi as you would at a hamburger drive-thru, but, of course, on foot.

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TK16 Master Kendama
Narita Airport

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