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Monday, October 24, 2011

Feel and Think: A New Era of Tokyo Fashion

感じる服 考える服:東京ファッションの現在形

I attended a fashion exhibition in the Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery in Shinjuku on Sunday, called "Feel and Think: A New Era of Tokyo Fashion."

There were ten exhibitors: SasquatchFabrix, andrealage, mina perhonen, somarta, h naoto, keisuke kanda, matohu, mintdesigns, writtenafterwards, and TheatreProducts.

Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo

"Feel and Think" trod the border between fashion and fine art, with much of what was on display created not so much to be worn as to stimulate the imagination. There were several apparel-inspired sculptures and installations.

Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery Exhibition

There was no green, eco pussyfooting: there was leather and fur a-gogo, and even an installation that featured numerous stuffed birds and animals.

Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery Exhibition

An odd feature of the show was the shoulder-height suspended beams that partitioned the exhibits, which you had to duck under to avoid bumping your head (and inevitably bumping your head on once or twice, anyway).

Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery Tokyo

An even odder feature were the benches placed here and there that you were not permitted to sit on! A security guard came over: "No sitting on the benches, please."

Upstairs is an art exhibition.

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