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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Icebox Haiku


Icebox haiku

Icebox is the WordPress blog of the Hailstone Haiku Circle, a Japan-based (Kyoto-based) circle, about two-thirds Japanese in membership, with a notable overseas membership, too.

The Hailstone Haiku Circle is active composing Japan-influenced verse - mainly in English - and posting it online, as well as the publication of a biannual paper-and-ink anthology of the best contributions.

But Hailstone is not all about sitting at desk putting your heart on paper and communicating online; it is a flesh-and-blood social circle with regular get-togethers that feature an imaginative array of ways to combine the theme of haiku with other activities, such as "haiqua": a haiku-style quatrain, "cirku": a circular haiku where the reader can begin and end at any line, "haibun": prose compositions that include pepperings of haiku, "ginko-no-renga": linked verse inspired by a group outing, "haiga": drawings accompanied by haiku, and even "haipho": well-composed snapshots set off with equally well-composed haiku.

Hailstone also runs competitions, winning entries given pride of place in Icebox and being published.

Membership in Hailstone Haiku Circle is for those with a love of, and a sustained interest in, haiku. It offers a supportive and appreciative community for those who wish to share of themselves in a style inspired by Japanese literature, give informed feedback, and, now and then, accept it.

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1 comment:

  1. As an avid fan of haiku/haikai literature, I can heartily recommend Icebox.

    Alan, With Words
    Japan Times award-winning of (English-language) haiku and renku
    Alan’s events & announcements blog



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