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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Japan News This Week 16 October 2011


Japan News.Radiation hotspot in Tokyo 'not linked to Fukushima'


Japan offers free return flights to revive tourism after Fukishima disaster


Lawyers, NPOs slam Karen refugee resettlement scheme

Japan Times

6 unbreakable rules from the Japanese bar


Keigo Higashino, a la conquista de Occidente

El Pais

Du rugby au Japon : pas si ridicule !

Rue 89



Discordant Visitors: Japanese and Okinawan Messages to the US

Japan Focus

Fan Reaction: Mariners Opening Season in Japan a Bad Idea

Yahoo Sports

How Japanese manga can land international travelers in jail


Last Week's News


"More than one-third of the workforce is part-time as companies have shed the famed Japanese lifetime employment system, nudged along by government legislation that abolished restrictions on flexible hiring a few years ago. Temp agencies have expanded to fill the need for contract jobs as permanent job opportunities have dwindled.

Many fear that as the generation of salaried baby boomers dies out, the country’s economic slide might accelerate. Japan’s share of the global economy has fallen below 10% from a peak of 18% in 1994. Were this decline to continue, income disparities would widen and threaten to pull this once-stable society apart."

Source: Daily Finance

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