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Monday, October 17, 2011

Japan The Strange Country

Japan The Strange Country by graphic designer Kenichi Tanaka takes a rather critical look at Japan through a number of categories: people, the economy, Tokyo, food, love and suicide.

The short video explores the Japanese stereotypes of a sex-less, suicide-prone, sushi-eating, over-worked and overcrowded race of salarymen slaves and vain designer-bag toting women and is sure to spark some debate.

Japan The Strange Country puts some figures on the stereotypes, though none of the statistics are sourced. 2 out of 100 people in the world are Japanese, 40% of Japanese people wear glasses or contacts, Japanese couples make love on average 48 times (the lowest rate in the world), 1,850,000 people visit Love Hotels every day, 90 people commit suicide daily, one every 16 minutes with 100 people found dead on Mt Fuji every year, 23,000,000 tons of food are thrown away each year, more than enough to feed all the starving in the world, Japanese people throw away 200 pairs of waribashi chopsticks each year and on and on it goes.

The video has both English and Japanese versions and is useful as a resource for studying Japanese.

As of 2014 neither the Japanese or English versions were available

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