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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Japan News This Week 27 November 2011


Japan News.3 Olympus Executives Resign Ahead of Crucial Meeting

New York Times

Gangster son takes on conservative Osaka mayor


Olympus directors have to quit, says former chief Michael Woodford


Giants ex-GM Kiyotake tells his side of the story

Japan Times

¿Un cuarteto de Tokio sin japoneses?

El Pais

L'aïkido, cet art martial qui amadoue les ennemis du sport

Rue 89



Fukushima and Okinawa – the “Abandoned People,” and Civic Empowerment

Japan Focus

Japan basketball team hires female head coach

Yahoo Sports

Last Week's News


Worker hourly productivity, 2009 (purchasing power parity, in US dollars)

1) Luxembourg (74.0)
2) Norway (73.3)
3) Ireland (60.2)
4) USA (57.4)
5) Belgium (56.5)
6) Holland (56.4)
7) France (54.5)
8) Germany (53.3)
9) Sweden (48.8)
10) Australia (48.1)

20) Japan (38.2)

Source: OECD

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