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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Asahi Style Free

アサヒ スタイルフリー

Asahi, one of Japan's big four beer makers, has joined Kirin in producing a totally alcohol-free beer.

The rather oddly named "Style Free" (don't Japanese advertising companies employ English-speakers?) joins Kirin's Free on the creaking shelves of convenience stores and liquor shops throughout Japan.

Asahi Style Free beer

Style Free is 0.00 % alcohol and has proved popular with long-distance drivers (that's when I tried it), sea lions and recovering alcoholics. The taste is tinny and hoppy and one can of Style Free is usually enough (for life).

If you'd like to see some rather damning reviews of Style Free, have a laugh over at ratebeer.com

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  1. It does wonders for cleaning the grime off my bikes rims.Throw it on , let it stand while I demolish a Umenishiki Weizen (an exceptional beer) then hose down, nice clean rims no crud and I was satisfied with my other beer.

  2. This beer is NOT alcohol free. It has 4% ABV. This blog entry is really reckless.


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