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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Sanfuri Yokocho


Aomori in the far north of Japan has a well-deserved reputation for the excellence of its local food.

Sanfuri Yokocho Aomori

Sanfuri Yokocho (Yataimura) in the east of the city is a recreation of intimate Showa-style food stalls offering a few seats (8-12) around a counter presided over by a mama. The 15 stalls are arranged in an alley covered with paper lanterns. Sanfuri Yokocho opened in 2005 and is open in the evenings.

Sanfuri Yokocho

Diners can try some of Aomori's excellent sashimi (raw fish), kaiyaki miso (pictured above), and oden washed down with a glass or two of local sake or beer.

Yatai Mura is north of Amenity Street, one block north of the Aomori Prefectural Folk Museum.

Sanfuri Yokocho Aomori

Yatai Mura
Honmachi 3-8-3
Tel: 017 745 4242
Map of Yatai Mura

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