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Friday, February 24, 2012

Disco Corp


Disco Corp Tokyo

The Disco Corp's motto is "Always the best, Always fun." Its website talks about "sapphires," "grinding," "crystal," "lasers," "silicon," even "diamonds" - pretty familiar topics for those infected with the Saturday night fever. It even goes as far as the quite out-of-this-world sounding topic of "water jets."

But, hey, what's up with the talk about "values" and "stakeholders," and those decidedly heavy metal pictures all over the place of great big serious-looking machines?

It turns out that Disco Corporation is about as far from glitter balls, clingy skirts and substances as you can get. Or you could just say they're more Village People than Donna Summer. Disco Corp is all about goggle-clad workers in overalls bent over screaming precision dicing/cutting saws, howling abrasive grinders and scintillating diamond blades/wheels.

Disco Tokyo

According to its website, Disco Corp. began in 1937 as Dai-ichi Seitosho Co., Ltd. in Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture as a manufacturer of abrasive wheels. It was as part of its international expansion that the company adopted the name Disco with the establishment in the USA of Disco Abrasive Systems Ltd. in 1969 - actually predating the age of small-d disco - followed by the change of the Japan headquarters' name to Disco in 1977, when the charts were dominated by the likes of Abba's Dancing Queen, Rose Royce's Car Wash, and Donna Summer's I Feel Love. Or was it maybe James Taylor's Handy Man that clinched it?

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