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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Japan News This Week 5 February 2012


Japan News.Incoming Chief Takes On a Sony That Is a Shadow of Its Former Self

New York Times

Thomas Blake Glover


IAEA approves stress tests on Japan reactors


Record lows recorded at 38 locations

Japan Times

¿Estallará China?

El Pais

Nucléaire au Japon : « L'Etat est un traître pour les travailleurs »

Rue 89



Hooked on Nuclear Power: Japanese State-Local Relations and the Vicious Cycle of Nuclear Dependence

Japan Focus

IOC sells Japan 2014, ’16 Games rights for $472M

Yahoo Sports

Last Week's News


As of the end of October 2011, the number of foreign workers in Japan rose by 5.6% over the same period in the previous year.

686,246 foreigners currently work in Japan.

Source: Kyodo News

Number of foreign students in the USA, by country (percentage rise or decline compared to the previous year):

1. China, 157,558 (23.5%)
2. India, 103, 895 (-1.0%)
3. South Korea, 73,351 (1.7%)
4. Canada, 27,546 (-2.1%)
5. Taiwan, 24,818 (-7.0%)
6. Saudi Arabia, 22,704 (43.6%)
7. Japan, 21,290 (-14.3%)
8. Vietnam, 14,888 (13.5%)
9. Mexico, 13,713 (2.0%)
10. Turkey, 12,184 (-1.7%)

Source: Asahi Shinbun

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