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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fujigaoka Station Nagoya


Fujigaoka Station is at the eastern end of the Higashiyama (Yellow) Line of the Nagoya subway.

Fujigaoka Station is an interchange station with the city's Linimo, which runs out to the old Expo 2005 site at Ai-Chikuhaku Kinen Koen. The station opened in 1969 with the Linimo station completed in 2005.

Fujigaoka Station, Nagoya

The Higashiyama Line runs from Fujigaoka via Motoyama, Imaike, Yaba-cho, Nagoya Station, Hatta to Takabata Station.

Fujigaoka Station ticket wickets

The area around the station includes Effe Department store with a branch of the Seijo Ishii imported goods supermarket, a Matsuzakaya store, a McDonald's and assorted convenience stores.

Fujigaoka Station

Buses from Fujigaoka Station run to Chubu International Airport with the first bus at 5.30am and the last bus to Centrair at 6.20pm. Journey time to the airport is approximately 55 minutes and the cost is 1400 yen.

Bus timetable from Fujigaoka Station
Click on the image to see the full bus timetable to Centrair

There are also bus services to the Toyota Automobile Museum (TAM), Seto Eki and Hishino Danchi.

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  1. You can't talk about Fujigaoka without mentioning the cherry blossoms. Every spring (around April) the area on the west side of the station, and two of the main roads nearby are a canvas of pink petals. Unfortunately there's no area for sitting under the cherry trees and having a drunken picnic, but it is definitely the time of year when Fujigaoka is at its best.


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