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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Japan News This Week 18 March 2012


Japan News.Japan Finds Story of Hope in Undertaker Who Offered Calm Amid Disaster

New York Times

Japan's obsession with perfect fruit


Japan marks first anniversary of earthquake and tsunami


Ichihashi fights life sentence in appeal

Japan Times

Japón guarda silencio por las víctimas del tsunami un año después

El Pais

Redémarrage de réacteurs : le combat des stars et des surfeurs japonais

Rue 89



The Fukushima Anniversary: Japanese Press Reactions  福島一周年−−日本の報道機関の対応

Japan Focus

Olympic Soccer Preview: Japan Qualifies for Men’s Soccer in London

Yahoo Sports

Last Week's News


Japan's geothermal power generation reserves comes to 23.47 million kilowatts, which is the third largest in the world.

However, to date there are only 18 geothermal power plants in Japan. The electricity generated from these plants accounted for just 0.2 percent of Japan's 2010 electricity.

Source: Yomiuri Shinbun

The number of gang members and their associates in Japan has dropped to around 70,300, which is the lowest level since 1992.

Source: Kyodo News

QS World University Rankings, 2011/12

1. University of Cambridge
2. Harvard University
3. MIT
4. Yale University
5. Oxford
6. Imperial College London
7. University College London
8. University of Chicago
9. University of Pennsylvania
10. Columbia University

25. Tokyo University
32. Kyoto University

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