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Monday, April 09, 2012

Cherry Blossom Nirvana - Shinjuku Gyoen

新宿御苑 花見

The cherry blossom bloomed in Tokyo last week, and is right now at its peak.

I went to Shinjuku Gyoen Park today, one of Tokyo's most popular blossom viewing (or, in Japanese, hanami, literally "flower see") spots.

Just getting into Shinjuku Gyoen took a good 15 minutes. Not only were the queues extremely long, but there was a bag check at each gate making sure no liquor was brought in, which further slowed things down.

There were thousands of people throughout Shinjuku Gyoen, but such is the park's size that there is still plenty of room to make you and your party comfortable.

See a selection of the choicest cherry blossom scenes from Shinjuku Gyoen Park in the above YouTube slideshow.

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