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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Japan News This Week 25 November 2012


Japan News. When Yakuza Come Calling One in Five Japanese Companies Admit Paying Them Off

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Japan's ninjas heading for extinction


A Call for Japan to Take Bolder Monetary Action

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Is Japan really on the brink of a sudden downward spiral?


Japan's Ogasawara Islands: one year after UNESCO

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日本扣押运往朝鲜铝合金 指其或用于核武导弹 


Japan: Building a Galapagos of Power?

Japan Focus

Last Week's Japan News


Japan is the most sexless country in the world. According the the Japanese Medical Association, the definition of "sexlessness" is: "a couple that, without diagnosed 'special circumstances' (i.e., ED or other physical or mental issues), engages in consensual sex once a month or less."

The average Japanese couple has sex 17 times a year, and a whopping 33.9% are "sexless." The well-cited Durex survey of annual number, by country, of fornication is noted below:

1. Greece (138) 
2. Croatia (134)
3. Serbia Montenegro (128)
4. Bulgaria (127) 
5. Czech Republic (120)
5. France (120)  

7. England (118)
41. Japan (45)

Forty-one countries were surveyed.

Source: Sexless Kaisho Shiawase

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