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Monday, May 20, 2013

Hotel Route Inn Ena

The Hotel Route Inn Ena in Ena in Gifu Prefecture is part of the nationwide Route Inn chain.

Hotel Route Inn Ena Gifu

This western style business hotel is handy for visitors wishing to visit nearby Ena Gorge, the Hiroshige Print Museum or set out on a hike of the Nakasendo highway on to Nakatsugawa and beyond.

The Hotel Route Inn Ena has wifi in the lobby, a spacious onsen bath and two rather old PCs also in the lobby presently running XP.

Hotel Route Inn Ena Gifu Japan

Hotel Route Inn Ena
Osashima-cho Nakano
Tel: 0573 20 0050

The Hotel Route Inn Ena is a 10 minute walk from Ena Station. Ena is a 30 minute express train ride from Nagoya, Kanayama or Tsurumai stations.

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