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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Japan News This Week 26 May 2013


Japan News. Japanese Reactor Is Said to Stand on a Fault Line

New York Times

The Accessible Land of the Rising Sun


Wartime sex slaves cancel meeting with controversial Japanese mayor


Science, sponsors abetted Miura’s Everest success

Japan Times

3.11: Comparative and Historical Lessons 3.11の教訓—比較的、歴史的観点から

Japan Focus

Japan's weak currency means tourism

Christian Science Monitor

Last Week's Japan News


Corruption Index, by country, 2012

1. Finland
17. Japan
17. United Kingdom
19. USA
80. China
174. Somalia

Source: Transparency International

Geothermal Electric Power, 2010, GWh

1. USA: 16,603
2. Finland: 10,311
3. Indonesia: 9,600
4. Mexico: 7,047
5. Italy: 5,520
6. Iceland: 4,597
7. New Zealand: 4,055
8. Japan: 3,064
9. Kenya: 1,430
10. El Salvador: 1,422

Source: IEA

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