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Friday, June 07, 2013

Hotel Breakfast In Japan


One of our favorite features of many Japanese hotels is the free breakfast. Usually these breakfasts are nothing less than fantastic - the quality and selection is outstanding. As someone who usually has a cup of coffee and a small bowl of Cocoa Puffs at home, I feel like I've arrived in food heaven.

Hotel Breakfast In Japan

You can choose from traditional Japanese foods or opt for a Western-style meal, or you can try some of each. My daughter and I like the way the Japanese cooks prepare a Western breakfast.

We laughed the first time we saw a tossed green salad and potato salad amidst the platters of eggs and bacon. We didn't know anyone who had salad for breakfast, but we decided to eat it anyway, and it tasted good.

Hotel Breakfast In Japan

We also discovered we liked rice porridge. Although the scrambled eggs are kind of thin and runny and the sausage resembles little hot dogs, there is often a chef standing by who will prepare you a perfect omelet with your choice of ingredients.

Yogurt with a selection of fresh fruit is quite appealing, as are the many breads, rolls, and pastries. There is coffee, tea, juice, and even cold cereal with REAL milk, not the crummy skim kind we have to drink at home because of our (groan) "special" diets.

Hotel Breakfast In Japan

Usually breakfast is served from 7:00 am until 10:00 am. Whenever you arrive, the complete selection of food is available and you are graciously welcomed to the feast. If you have a good breakfast you won't need to buy lunch, and if you want a snack later there's always soft ice cream somewhere along the road you travel.

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