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Friday, July 19, 2013

Kyoto City Bus 204


The Kyoto city bus #204 runs in a circular route from Kitaoji Bus Station in northern Kyoto past Kinkakuji Temple, Waratenjin, Hirano Jinja, Kitano-Hakubaicho (convenient for Kitano Tenmangu Shrine), Enmachi, the southern end of the Imperial Palace along Marutamachi, Kurodani Temple, then north up Kitashirawaka past Ginkakuji Temple, passes Mototanaka on the Eiden Line, convenient for Maki Shoten, and then west along Kitaoji back to Kitaoji Bus Station. This bus is the Kinkakuji yuki anti-clockwise loop. The clockwise loop is known as Ginkakuji-yuki and follows the same route but in reverse in a clockwise direction.

Kyoto City Bus 204, Kyoto, Japan

The Kinkakji-yuki #208 bus service begins at 5.35am daily and the last bus is 10.44pm on weekdays and Saturdays and 10.21pm on Sundays.

The Ginkakji-yuki #208 bus service has the same first and last bus times.

If you are using the buses in Kyoto consider buying either an all-day bus pass for 500 yen, which covers the downtown area of the city or a Kyoto Sightseeing One-Day (1,200 yen) or Two-Day Pass (2,000 yen), which are valid on Kyoto City buses (green), Kyoto Bus Company buses (white) and the subway.

Kyoto City Bus 204, Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto Travel Passes

Insert your card into the card slot as you enter at the rear of the bus. The first time you do this, the date will be printed on your card. If you pass outside the designated inner city area put your card in the machine and the extra fare will be calculated, which you can pay by inserting coins into the slot.

Places outside the designated inner city area include Arashiyama to the west and Shugakuin in the north east and buses that run to these places have black numbers on a white background like the number #5 bus to Shugakuin. Flat fare (220 yen) buses have white numbers on an orange or blue background. Both travel passes are available at subway and bus stations in Kyoto.
Find out more about buses in Kyoto.

Kyoto City Bus 204.

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