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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Nakatsugawa Station


Nakatsugawa Station is a station on the JR Chuo Line from Nagoya via Tajimi to Nakatsugawa. The Chuo Line then continues on to Shiojiri, Takao, Mitaka and eventually Tokyo Station.

Nakatsugawa Station, Gifu Prefecture

Both local and express trains stop here including the Shinano to Shiojiri, Matsumoto and Nagano. As you exit the station there is a taxi rank to your left as well as a Tourist Office. Here as well are buses to the Nakasendo post-town of Magome. The tourist office has a number of pamphlets to the region and can help with accommodation reservations throughout the Kiso Valley region and bus times.

Nakatsugawa Tourist Office, Gifu Prefecture, Japan

If you are walking to either Ena or Magome on the Nakasendo, carry on straight ahead down the main street towards the large Apita store on your left. To the right is the Nakasendo to Ena, to the left is a joyato stone lantern and wooden, kosatsuba notice-board and the route up the steps to Magome and Tsumago.

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