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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Shimakaze Premium Express Luxury Train


If you wish to experience riding a luxury train in Japan, the Kintetsu Shimakaze Premium Express runs once daily from both Nagoya Kintetsu Station and Osaka Namba Station.

Shimakaze Premium Express Luxury Train at Nagoya Station

The Shimakaze calls at Ise, Uji Yamada, Toba and Ugata from both Nagoya and Osaka. From Nagoya the Shimakaze also stops at Yokkaichi in Mie.

From Namba there are stops at Uehommachi, Tsuruhashi and Yamatoyagi. Foreign visitors can use their Kintetsu Rail Pass or Kintetsu Rail Pass Wide on the train. Check with your travel agent where you bought your ticket or your local JTB office.

This lovely train purrs on the rails to Kashikojima Station (賢島駅) in Shima, Mie Prefecture.

The Shimakaze went into operation in March 2013 and the luxury train service has leather reclining seats with a massage function, luggage lockers, a cafe and party rooms. The service at your seat includes coffee, snacks and craft beer.

Shimakaze Premium Express Luxury Train, Nagoya

The Shimakaze leaves Osaka Namba at 10.40am on weekdays and 10.20am on weekends arriving in Kashikojima at 12.59pm and 12.46pm respectively.

The Nagoya Shimakaze service leaves at 10.25am throughout the week, arriving in Kashikojima at 12.25pm.

Shimakaze Premium Express Luxury Train

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