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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Ankake Spaghetti


Ankake is a type of thick, sticky Chinese sauce used in noodle dishes that has been adapted to produce Ankake spaghetti, a signature dish of the Nagoya area.

Ankake Spaghetti.

The spaghetti is pan-fried and topped with onions, green peppers and wiener sausages. The sauce is tomato-based.

Ankake spaghetti has spread from the Chubu area to other cities in Japan and there are even Ankake restaurants overseas now. Varieties include vegetable-only toppings (kantori) or meat, sausage or bacon (miraneze). A mix of vegetables and meat is known as mirakan.

Ankake Spaghetti.

The dish was pioneered by Yokoi, a major Ankake chain based in Sakae, with outlets all over Nagoya including the one below in Nagoya Kitte Building near Nagoya Station.

See the Yokoi website for details.

Ankake Spaghetti, Nagoya.

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