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Friday, March 03, 2017

Need Something From Japan? - Solutions from GoodsFromJapan


GoodsFromJapan is a Japan-based business staffed by native speakers of both Japanese and English in cities throughout Japan who can deal with most requests by overseas customers for goods and services from Japan.

Besides a huge online store with an array of goods for fun, enjoyment, style and better living on the GoodsFromJapan website, the GoodsFromJapan team provides personalized services that meet the needs of individual customers, including happi coats and paper lanterns customized for companies and events.

Kendama for sale on GoodsFromJapan.
Kendama are a popular seller on GoodsFromJapan.
To date, GoodsFromJapan has provided the following:

- reservation and booking services for Japanese hotel stays, high-end restaurants, tours, temple visits, conventions in Japan, and more.

- purchasing services for goods on Yahoo Auctions Japan, manga, books, doujinshi, figurines, liquor, limited edition goods, and other merchandise (even second-hand high-end audio) purchasable only in Japan or from stores only.

- translation from Japanese to English of documents, both personal and for business

- referring customers with specific needs to Japanese professionals able to cater to them.

Japanese-style kewpie doll on GoodsFromJapan online store.
Kewpie dolls with a Japanese twist - also very popular items on GoodsFromJapan
GoodsFromJapan has thousands of happy customers to date, worldwide, who come back to GoodsFromJapan for prompt, conscientious, personalized service based on a strong desire to help people get what they want from Japan.

Check out the GoodsFromJapan website, and contact the team if there is anything you need from Japan, or done for you before or during your visit to Japan.

Decorative made-in-Japan iron paperweights from GoodsFromJapan.
Decorative Japanese iron paperweights from GoodsFromJapan.

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Quality Goods From Japan delivered to your home or business

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