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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Raigo-in Temple Ohara


Raigo-in Temple is one of several Tendai-sect temples in the pretty, farming village of Ohara in the hills north east of Kyoto.

Raigo-in like its more famous neighbor, Sanzen-in, is a Tendai sect temple of Japanese Buddhism.

Raigo-in Temple Ohara Kyoto.

It was founded by the priest Ennin in the 850's and like nearby Hosen-in and Shorin-in, Raigo-in is associated with the study and practice of shomyo, Buddhist chanting first brought to Japan from India via China by Ennin.

Later, Raigo-in became associated with Ryonin (1072-1132), the founder of Yuzu Nembutsu, a branch of Japanese Buddhism in the Kamakura Period, that is considered the forerunner of Pure Land or Amida Buddhism. Yuzu Nembutsu stressed that chanting the name of Buddha not only benefited the chanter but all mankind.

Raigo-in Temple Ohara Kyoto.

The main hall at Raigo-in holds three statues considered Important Cultural Properties: images of Gautama Buddha, Amitabha (the Buddha of Infinite Life) and Bhaisajyaguru or Yakushi - the Buddha of Healing.

About 200 meters along the track through the woods, past the temple is the Otonashi-no-taki ("Soundless Waterfall") said to have been rendered without sound when it sounds of the water fused with the shomyo chanting of Ryonin.

537 Ohararaigoin-cho
Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
Kyoto Prefecture 601-1242

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