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Thursday, April 13, 2017

National Theatre Japan - a Blossom Paradise


The National Theatre of Japan is in Hayabusacho, Tokyo, overlooking the western moat of the Imperial Palace.

National Theatre Tokyo sakura tree.

The theatre opened in 1966 following the passing of the National Theatre Act in the National Diet. The theatre comprises two auditoriums. 

National Theatre Tokyo sakura blossoms.

The Large Theatre is a 1,610-seat auditorium used for performances of kabuki, buyo dance and drama.The Small Theater is a 590-seat auditorium for kabuki, bunraku puppet theater, buyo dance, hogaku music, and folk arts. In 1979, the adjacent 300-seat National Engei Hall was added.

National Theatre Tokyo sakura with visitors.

The National Theater of Japan is one place that has to be seen during the springtime cherry blossom season. There are a couple of dozen cherry trees here, of ten different varieties.

Visitor photographing National Theatre Tokyo sakura

For some reason, they blossom about a week earlier than average - even earlier than the cherry trees around the Imperial Palace, nearby Chidorigafuchi Park, and the Supreme Court, which is right next door to the National Theatre.

People under the trees - National Theatre Tokyo sakura.

The grounds of the National Theatre are buzzing with visitors throughout late March and early April, taking in the exuberant beauty of the pink and white blooms that plump out the normally black, spindly cherry trees.

National Theatre Tokyo sakura viewed by young couple.

Enjoy these shots taken over the past 10 days in the grounds of the National Theatre.

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