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Monday, April 17, 2017

Taiji Station


Taiji Station is a JR station on the Kisei Line. Visitors traveling south from Owase StationKumano-shi Station and Nagoya Station to the north need to change trains at Shingu Station to reach Taiji.

Local train at Taiji Station.

The first express train to Shingu Station from Nagoya is the 8.05am Wide View Nanki that arrives in Shingu Station at 11.34am. The present fare is 7,390 yen. From Shingu it is about 30 minutes by local train or 21 minutes by Kuroshio or Wide Nanki Express to Taiji.

From Osaka's Tennoji Station a Kuroshio Express takes 3 hours and 20 minutes and costs 6,890 yen.

Taiji Station mural

Visitors to Taiji Station are greeted by cheerful pictures of whales and dolphins in the sea, painted as if by local school children.

Taiji in Wakayama Prefecture on the south eastern coast of the Kii Peninsula has become known outside Japan for a rather darker association with cetaceans since the release of Ric O'Barry's The Cove documentary in 2009.

Junkan bus at Taiji Station, Wakayama.

A local loop bus connections with incoming trains and runs to the Taiji Whale Museum. The station has pamphlets and maps to help tourists get around Taiji.

Regular buses (which are cheaper than the train) from the Meitetsu bus station at Meitetsu Nagoya Station run to Shingu via Kumano. From Shingu there are trains to Taiji. Locals buses connect Shingu with Kumano-shi.

Taiji Station, Wakayama Prefecture.

Taiji Station
Wakayama Prefecture

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