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Monday, May 29, 2017

Gay like a King in Osaka


Doyama is Osaka's largest and most varied gay district, and the choice of bars and clubs can at times bewilder. Yet there can only be one King, and this King, unusually, exists to serve you, the people.

King, Doyama-cho, Osaka.

Servitude is just a short walk from the center of Umeda, and begins nightly at 8pm every night of the week except Mondays. The entrance to the bar, once you find the small side street that it is on, is easy to find. Just look for the sign that says "KING" in big letters.

KING, Doyama-cho, Osaka, Japan.

Upon entering King's 2nd floor domicile, you will be struck by just how kingly the proportions of the space are. There's plenty of space to comfortably mingle, which is not often the case at gay bars in Japan. Seating too -- at the bar, in loungey enclaves, and in settings even better suited for a grand mingle -- allows you to kick it exactly as you like.

Gay like a King in Osaka.

The layout is set out smartly, with the bar in back, various seating clusters spread about the middle, and a small stage in front. The place is decked out with all sorts of mood lighting, but it all just manages to stay tasteful and fun without being cheesy or over the top.

King keeps their drinks menu simple and affordable, which naturally keeps the royal subjects pleased. There is no cover charge, and drinks are 500 yen each. Be it a mixed drink, a beer, or something a little more Japanese, King helps you get your gay on for only 500 yen a pop.

Gay like a King in Osaka.

Unless you are popping Champagne, which, alas, takes you somewhere far, far away from 500 yen. If going the beer route, why not have as Asahi? Asahi was born and bred in Osaka, so it is the obvious choice!

Weekend evenings often bring special events and shows, and King is ready with the aforementioned, and rather princely, stage. Shows and themes vary from sexy to campy, but a good time is invariably had by all.

Some shows and events can get a bit risque, which generally means an even better time for the masses. Nothing wrong with a little stripping down to the sexy undies now and again, is there? It is a gay bar, after all!

Gay like a King in Osaka.

Greeting you with a smile (and a smile-inducing body) is Wan, your bartender in residence. He's eager to make your night the best it can be, and in virtually no time, you will feel right at home in this multicultural bar.

Other staff are in residence, especially during the busy weekend hours, and you are bound to find some English speakers around too. And it is here that we have the essence of what makes King a great stop for the gay visitor to Osaka: Hospitality.

Gay like a King in Osaka.

King eagerly looks to attract foreign visitors because the King aims to have an international vibe while also catering to their local frequent customers. A visit to King is the perfect way for a visitor from abroad to get to know the gay scene in Osaka in a comfortable, affordable, and very fun way.

2F, 10-11 H&I Bldg
Kita-ku, Osaka-shi
(google map)
Hours: weekday 20:00 - 05:00 (Closed Monday) / weekend 17:00 - 05:00

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