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Sunday, June 04, 2017

Japan News This Week 4 June 2017


Japan News.
Why Spend $110 Million on a Basquiat? ‘I Decided to Go for It,’ Japanese Billionaire Explains
New York Times

Special bill on Emperor Akihito's abdication could serve as precedent: Suga
The Mainichi

Japan's growing concern over China's naval might

Not All South Koreans Satisfied With Japan's Apology To 'Comfort Women'

North Korea fires missile into Japanese waters

Constructing the Construction State: Cement and Postwar Japan
Japan Focus

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Beginning with an apology from Prime Minister Shiina Etsusaburo in 1965, Japan has apologized to South Korea more than 20 times over war-related issues, including the issue of the Comfort Women who were conscripted to work in Japanese military brothels.

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