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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Minshuku Urashima Muroto Kochi

Minshuku Urashima is a traditional minshuku located on the coast in Muroto City on the Muroto Peninsula.

Minshuku Urashima Muroto Kochi.

Minshuku Urashima is very popular with those walking the Shikoku Pilgrimage as it is situated at the base of the mountain on which temple 26, Kongochoji is located and just a few kilometers north of temple 25 Shinsoji.

Minshuku Urashima is also conveniently located for anyone wanting to explore the UNESCO registered Global Geo Park of Cape Muroto.

They have 8 rooms in traditional tatami style, with shared bathrooms and toilets. Meals are served in the ground floor cafe which is open all day. The food includes lots of very fresh seafood.

Minshuku Urashima Muroto Kochi.

When I stayed there, the skipjack season had begun so as well as skipjack sashima I was served a massive skipjack steak. The owners are very friendly and helpful. They even ferried my heavy backpack up the coast to my next hotel so I could walk the day with no luggage.

Prices are very reasonable. I paid 6,000 yen for a single room with two meals.

Minshuku Urashima
Ko 1901-4, Moto
Kochi 781-7107
Tel: 0887 23 1105

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