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Friday, November 10, 2017

Canceling an ANA flight to Japan

So here's the thing: I should be in Japan right now. In early August I booked a reservation with ANA Airlines, but unfortunately, a few days later something unexpected happened. And "I didn't want to say nothin'" until now: my traveling companion was diagnosed with cancer.


Amidst this great upheaval I realized I would have to cancel our trip to Japan. We might need that ticket fare to use for other purposes. But I had not purchased traveler's insurance.

Well, hallelujah, ANA was able to help. A kind and sympathetic customer representative explained the refund process and the document we needed to provide to them. (And during this conversation, while I was briefly placed on hold, I could hear the music - you know, THAT music - the tune that plays as you board your flight to Japan and when the atmosphere is one of excitement and anticipation - as opposed to your return flight when only a sense of decency keeps you from shoving everybody out of the way so you can disembark!) To receive a refund, we had to get a signed doctor's note detailing the reason for non-travel. The best way to get it is to ask your doctor at your first follow up visit. He can give it to you right there.

Miho-no-Matsubara, Shizuoka.

When we telephoned ANA again, the representative guided us through the submission process. She waited as we emailed the document and then she acknowledged its arrival. The refund was virtually instantaneous, and it was only a week later that the credit card company deducted the amount from our account. We were refunded all but about $100 USD of the $7100 price for two business class seats. As for future travel to Japan, we hope to return in the spring of 2018. We'll see.

These days we have talked about what we would be doing in Japan if we were there now. And then I thought of this: Maybe there are some readers of this blog who could go enjoy some of the things we had planned on doing. Do you live in Shizuoka? Can you access Miho-no-Matsubara? Are there seashells to collect along the shoreline? Is it really cold? Can you see Mt. Fuji? Do you live near Hamamatsu? Can you check out "Naotora: The Lady Warlord Taiga Drama Hall?" Is it as big as last year's "Sanada Maru?" Is it cool or not? Is anyone over in Aichi? Will you try some Toyohashi Curry Udon for us? We were sooo looking forward to it. Thanks!

Toyohashi Curry Udon.

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